The world of clay is amazing and while discovering this moving feeling you`ll also be discovering a new you in yourself that you have never met before. You know what I know it from my own experience.

Let me tell you the story;

I was a banker and treasurer for years and one day I was overwhelmed with my life based on working and consuming. It was not only like always shopping shopping and shopping but also this feeling of not creating was consuming me… I tried many workshops from pilates to yoga, from arranging flowers to tile painting; however, none of them ringed the bell until I touched clay…

After the first day I felt the endless opportunities I can make with clay, I could never give up on this feeling anymore…

And it wasn’t that much … While believing that I have lack of imagination and creativity I discovered a new Seden who dives into the world of clay and forgets everything that happens outside…

Now I invite you to the world of pottery with my workshops in my cozy Atelier in the hearth of Stockholm.

Touch the clay and experience the pleasure of creating your unique pieces with your own hands !



1500 SEK per person (including clay 2kg & tools & glazes & bisque and glaze firings)


If you are a group of 4 people, we can make a closed workshop for you for any occasion like your bachelorette party, to enjoy with your colleagues, to reinforce teamwork,  or to spend time with your family.

You can pick your products in two weeks after the end of each workshop; I`ll be emailing you when they are ready to be picked up from the Atelier/ Södermalm.

You have an endless opportunity to create what you dream from plates to mugs, from candlesticks to decorative door numbers or you may create handmade gifts for your loved ones.

The workshops will be held the same day & same time interval every week. If you have missed one of them you can ask for a compensation workshop  in the same month if there is available spot in other days.

I`ll be showing hand building techniques as well as how to use basic tools and will share information about types of glazes and clays. Besides, I`ll be teaching different decorating techniques as well as how to glaze.

Everybody is welcome to my workshops either you want to improve in ceramics or you don’t have any prior knowledge in ceramics!

I`ll hold the workshops as cozy as possible with a max 4 people to be able to take care of everyone and answer every question 

During the courses we`ll be pampering ourselves with homemade snacks& sandwiches, fruits, tea & coffee and goodies.

We`ll be using the best quality clay that is fired at high temperatures so your products will be durable, healthy and dishwasher safe; besides, we`ll use lead free glazes.

Workshops can be held in English & Turkish.


Please contact me either by phone 0705902727 or by email